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2022-2023 Thunderbirds Morning Skating Skills


2022-2023 Thunderbirds Morning Skating Skills

Colorado Thunderbirds Morning Skating Skills!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card information available (2.89% + $1 fee).  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from Colorado Thunderbirds. 

USA Hockey Requirement

In order to continue registering you must have a current 2022-2023 USA Hockey confirmation number. If you do not have a confirmation number, please first register at USA Hockey then return back to this page to complete registration with your organization.


2022-2023 Colorado Thunderbirds Morning Skating Skills!

Colorado Thunderbirds official skating coach, Katy Jo West, will be taking the ice Tuesday and Wednesday mornings during the 2022-2023 season. We will be using proven power skating methods (edgework and mechanics) to improve technique and body awareness. We will also be performing power, strength, agility, footwork, and quickness to emphasize speed training.


Location : Family Sports Center

Cost : register per session, or per month or register for all for special discounts! (payments have a 2.89% + $1 fee)

Per Session (appropriate age session):  $60/skater 

Per Month (appropriate age session):  $200/skater per month (December $165)

Every Session for all 6 months (appropriate age session):  $1165/skater

Please make sure to check all options and select sessions you want to participate in (all sessions, full months, and individual sessions)--each individual can select the sessions to make it a perfect fit for them!

Maximum 20 skaters per session


Tuesday September 6th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday September 7th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday September 13th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday September 14th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday September 20th 7:10-810am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday September 21st 7:10-810am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday September 27th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday September 28th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)


Tuesday October 4th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday October 5th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday October 11th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday October 12th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday October 18th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday October 19th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday October 25th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday October 26th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)


Tuesday November 1st 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday November 2nd 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday November 8th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday November 9th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday November 15th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday November 16th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday November 29th 7:10-8:10 (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday November 30th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)


Tuesday December 6th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday December 7th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday December 13th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday December 14th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday December 20th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday December 21st 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)


Tuesday January 10th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday January 11th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday January 17th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday January 18th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday January 24th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday January 25th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday January 31st 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday February 1st 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)


Tuesday February 7th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday February 8th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday February 14th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday February 15th 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday February 21st 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday February 22nd 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)

Tuesday February 28th 7:10-8:10am (BANTAM/MIDGET)

Wednesday March 1st 7:10-8:10am (SQ/PW)


All fees are non-refundable.



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Kim Feno


Phone: 720-299-8601